City Experience Probe - Probes are loose!

The probes are now loose in the streets of Aarhus!

Maybe you reached this page because you stumbled upon on of the probes or maybe not - either way we are happy to provide a bit of background to what you might have encountered.

The City Experience Probe is an experiment supported by the Organicity project with the goal of expanding what is currently considered urban data (sometimes also recognized under terms such as big data, open data, smart city data or iot) to include peoples in-situ experiences, attitudes or feelings.

If one of our probes are seriously lost and you found it, if the probe is bothering you, or if it somehow stopped working, please do contact us here, or on +45 51892464 or +45 61337411.

If you want more details or more frequent updates we have a messy internal log that we gladly share on request and we will try to use the twitter-hastag #cityexperienceprobe

Posted on December 13, 2016 .